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Addition replaces Deck
Addition replaces Deck
Addition replaces Deck

This addition was built in the exact footprint of a dilapidated deck.

After planning and making important decisions with the Owner, I did all the architectural drawings, and obtained an over the counter permit. Then with the help of my trusty crew and subcontractors we built the custom addition you see here.

Some high points include: beautiful epoxy grout tile floors with inset decorator tiles, crank out Marvin windows, and french doors with classy brushed nickel hardware, recessed lighting, opening skylights, and a special paint impregnated sand wall texture.

I love the way the addition fits in with the existing house, and the interior is lovely and warm.

Addition next to Kitchen
Addition next to Kitchen

This addition was also built on the exact footprint of another dilapidated deck.

The purpose of this new room was to expand a uncomfortably narrow kitchen/dining room. We installed a hidded header beam in the attic to connect the two ceilings, installed a bank of recessed lights and rimmed the new room with dimmable sconces.

It functions as a multipurpose room. There is now space for a proper dining area, sitting room for reading, and a long countertop and cabinets for hobbies, work, and storage. We added recessed task lighting and undercabinet lighting in the kitchen , as well as rearranging existing cabinets and adding new pantry and storage cabinets. All the new cabinets doors have those wonderful multiadjustable european hinges. Also, if you slam the doors and drawers, they don’t bang shut but stop a few inches from closing, and then slowly and quietly close themselves.

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