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Fence & Hobby Shed
Fences and hobby sheds

Fence: An unsightly construction site next door was ruining this client´s view. The fence she envisioned turned out pretty much like the one shown here. The individual pieces are 8´ high, 1/2” apart and 3/4” X 3/4” square. The object was to partially screen the view and let light through.

What´s cool is that the screening changes as the angle of your sight changes. From most positions it is solid but as you walk by the view opens and closes like a polaroid lens.

Hobby Shed: Set on concrete piers, this pre-fab structure also blocks out some of the unsightly activities next door.

It is more nicely constructed than most sheds. It is insulated and has wood walls inside and out. We brought in electricity so it has plugs and lighting.

The windows add a nice touch, and it has a sliding glass door.

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